Integrated Surroundings is…

…a turn-key provider of professional grade consumer electronics and technology solutions. From custom home/commercial audio/video and control systems, to logic based energy management solutions, our expertise is diverse yet extremely focused on what we do best.

As an established Florida corporation, our founding principles and values are the driving agent for our organization to supersede our clients’ expectations. We understand that simply being educated and experienced with technology is not enough to excel in today’s market. Integrity, honesty and dedication are the added elements to our recipe of success that has earned us elite status with our clients. We believe that forging a personal relationship with each and every client is not only essential to accurately understanding their requirements, but also imperative for providing a long-term soaring level of support.

Our greatest advantage and most significant asset that separates us from our competitors, is our elite team of professionals. We are tremendously proud of our teams’ professional character and unmatched level of devotion. Each team member has been strategically recruited for their greatest strengths to maximize their contributions and amplify our capabilities for our clients. Our people don’t just believe our customers comes first, we are absolutely committed to it.

From the design process to installation, training to ongoing support, the architecture of our entire organization has been adaptively developed to support our clients like no other.