Residential Automation and Control

Automation systems and products have come a long way in recent years. As this technology has advanced, there are a plethora of new products, options and features introduced seemingly every month, which can be convoluted to a consumer. As a professional provider of automation and control solutions, we feel that we have a responsibility to constantly evaluate these changes and offerings to determine what is “cool” and what is of no use to our clients. We believe there is a balance between budget and functionality, and locating that middle waypoint is also one of our responsibilities. Fortunately for our clientele, as the features and capabilities of these systems have increased, the cost has dramatically decreased. Entry level solutions are now affordable yet robust, and can be scaled to meet virtually any future desire or necessity. Virtually every home owner can now posses the ability to activate and control nearly anything electronic in their home, utilizing a smart-phone, touch screen, remote control or without ever even touching a button. Alarm and surveillance systems, lighting control, motorized window treatments, HVAC, garage and entry doors can all be cost efficiently integrated into one cohesive control platform, allowing operation and monitoring form anywhere inside your home or on the planet.