Integrated Surroundings featured in Coastal Lifestyle – Pier Perfection

Lacy Phillips creates interiors with an understated elegance that is comfortable and inviting. She is known for her attention to detail and her ability to translate the clients wishes into reality…read more

Integrated Surroundings featured in Home & Garden Feb-2013

The face of Pensacola’s downtown area has changed considerably from just 10 years ago – and so have the inhabitants. There is a new energy in both the landscape and the people who are choosing to live downtown, and John and Jerre Peacock are perfect examples…read more

Integrated Surroundings featured in Home & Garden magazine Feb-2014

It’s the details that make up a whole, and when a home is involved, there are myriad items that can be augmented or added to change the aesthetic and functionality of a space. In today’s world, the style of a home does not have dictate its inner workings…read more

KW Homes and Integrated Surroundings

Integrated Surroundings recently had the unique opportunity to work with Kevin Ward on their new beautiful show home in Nature Trail. Kevin is constantly assessing new trends in the building industry and has embraced technology in his homes for many years…read more