Integrated Surroundings’ Commercial Division

…specializes in designing and implementing a diverse range of audio, video, automation and networking solutions for business and commercial establishments.

  • Houses of Worship
  • Restaurants and Sports Bars
  • Conference Rooms
  • Office Spaces/Buildings
  • Hotel/Hospitality Establishments
  • Education Facilities

As modern-day society advances, the demand for technology in business and commercial spaces continues to increase…rapidly. Business conference rooms that were once mere meeting spaces for local employees, are now cornerstone symbols of corporate image and power-centers to sustain global communication, organized strategic planning and high profile clientele presentations. Restaurants and pubs used to be simple places where family and friends had lunch and dinner. Now they are featured attractions entailing walls covered in HD displays, projection screens, and complex audio/video distribution systems, creating a far superior client experience. Even Houses of Worship have identified ways to utilize modern technology to their advantage. While attending church in the past, the ability to hear and view a sermon from the back pew was difficult at best, now these environments are integrated with some of the world’s most sophisticated audio/video broadcasting equipment, delivering their message to each and every member, whether they are in house or across the globe, more effectively and clearly.

  • Lighting Control
  • Motorized Window Treatments
  • Audio Solutions
  • Video Distribution
  • High Definition Displays
  • Computer Networking
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Digital Signage

All of these enhancements are fantastic examples of what Integrated Surroundings is beyond capable of providing for your establishment. Our system design engineers and implementation teams are vastly educated on the most cutting-edge and robust commercial solutions. From cabling infrastructure to user interface equipment, we are truly a turn-key provider of countless forms of custom commercial technologies.